Open Year-Round

January - December

What is it???

One of the most unique and fun events you may find in the world, The Gambler 500 attracts approximately 5,000 people, 3,000 vehicles, 100 or so vendors (beer, food, apparel) and picks up around 250 cubic yards of trash from the countryside annually.


The Gambler 500 could be described as the Burning Man for eccentric mechanics and vehicle lovers. An off-road rally style adventure using inexpensive and impractical vehicles. Ranking is determined by distance traveled off pavement, way points visited, and trash collected then brought back to the Gambler Camp.

Essentially, The Gambler 500 is a navigational challenge based on fun, cheap cars, adventure and stewardship. It was founded in 2014, and is the brain trust of Tate Morgan and friends.


Attendees came from throughout the United State and Canada as well as from as far away as Iceland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.



Stewardship of the land is an important part of The Gambler 500 and is part of the race. In 2019, The Gambler 500 participants collected a quantity of trash that filled eight, 16-cubic-yard dumpsters.


Trash collected from Klamath County’s forest land included three boats, more than 160 tires, camper shells, parts from a house trailer, furniture (to include a couch) and two dozen tube television sets.


While at The Gambler 500 you’ll see crazy and unique race vehicles. In 2019, two gentlemen from St. Paul, Minnesota, entered with a vehicle that was part speed boat and part truck frame.


While, a gentleman from Idaho, entered the race with a Reliant Robin. A 3-wheeled vehicle with a 48-horsepower motor and fiberglass body and manufactured in Great Britain. Only 12 exist.


The event pumps money into the local economy, too. In 2019, the event brought in $1.1 million USD to the County. There are local food trucks, brewers, marketeers present at camp.


1. This is not a race.

2. There is no $500 rule, cheaper cars win Scepter so no way to cheat with $$$

3. We are the world’s largest and competitive trail cleanup, bring trash bags.

4. You are responsible for your actions; same legal standards apply as any other day.

5. Don’t be a dick.

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