Open Year-Round

January - December

Quiet time is 10pm-7am. Checkin: 3pm Checkout: 11am.


-Please do not call the emergency phone number for TV or Wifi connectivity issues as they are not emergencies.


-Please no driving or parking on the grass.


-Please NO SMOKING ANYTHING (including marijuana) inside our cabins, glamping tents or buildings.


-For people who watch TV while they’re here; please ensure your TV is on the correct input (what port the cable box is plugged into) or your TV will not be able to show you what’s coming out of the satellite cable box.


-For Wifi connectivity, we cannot and will not help you troubleshoot your specific device issues when attempting to connect to the internet. Each device has their own process and you’re the expert on it, not our front desk staff.


-We have a sensitive septic system. Please, only toilet paper or human waste down the toilets. No baby wipes, paper towels or anything else please. Please do your best to keep food from going down the drain.


-Dogs must be on leash or a lead (no longer than 10 feet) at all times.


-Kindly utilize the free dog bag stations located throughout the park to clean up after your dog.


-All trash and debris and dog poop must be cleaned up from your tent & RV site. If not a cleaning charge of up to $50 will be applied to your bill.


-Fires are expressly prohibited outside the provided fire rings.


-To use the canoes, you must sign the waiver at the front desk. We ask that you put the lifejackets and oars back in the boathouse when you are done. At no time are glass, bottles or other breakable and/or dangerous materials allowed in the canoes or while wading or swimming or floating in the river.


Minors must be accompanied by an adult while using the canoes & or playing on the playground.


-Please dump all trash in the green dumpster placed at the park entrance.


-Please Drive Slow, 5 mph max.


-Please be mindful of the sprinkler’s valves that are located throughout the park in marked locations.


-No water balloons or fireworks or drones please.


-For EMERGENCY issues only and that occur after hours kindly call:

541-363-8799 and or call 911.


-Crater Lake Resort is at no time responsible for injury or damage due to wind, water, fire or the negligence of yourself or others. Some of these rules were made by our insurance carrier, some by the State of Oregon, some by us. They were all made for your safety, security and through learned experiences and for the enjoyment of your time here. Please obey these rules.

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