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Old Wooden Signature of Fort Klamath

Fort Klamath

Fort Klamath Museum: North 1/4M. Fort Klamath was established in 1863, and was an important Army post during conflicts with the local Klamath, Modoc, and Northern Paiute tribes. The fort consisted of more than 50 buildings, including a sawmill. Four Modoc men, led by Kintpuash, were executed there in 1873 for the killing of General Edward Canby. Their graves remain at the fort. By the mid-1880s, the settlers in the area no longer needed protection, and in 1889 the decision was made to shut it down. After a harsh final winter with more than 20 feet of snow, the troops of Company I of the 14th Infantry Regiment moved out on June 23, 1890, and moved on.


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